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Home Appliance Manufacturers

Amana About Absocold

Absocold has been producing the very finest in household, apartment, dormitory and hotel refrigerators since 1969.

Absocold provide one of the highest quality limited warranties in the industry. Absocold's warranty ensures that our customers are not required to purchase costly extended warranties.

In addition:
  • Absocold has been a member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association since 1983.
  • Absocold is an International Member of ACUHO-I, the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International.
  • All Absocold products are manufactured to the highest quality and environmental standards through ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.
  • All Absocold products are UL® listed.
  • Absocold volume ratings and shelf area are certified to ANSI/AHAM specifications.
  • Absocold is compliant with all Federal energy consumption requirements, while several models have qualified for the ENERGY STAR® designation for energy efficiency.
  • Absocold product is manufactured with R-134a as the cooling system's refrigerant to help protect the ozone layer, consistent with mandates by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Amana About Amana (Whirlpool Corporation)

From the beginning, every Amana® brand product has been made with the same core philosophy: to provide our customers with high-quality products that are reliable, meet their needs, and last longer than the rest. And Amana keep that philosophy firmly in mind as Amana build our industry-leading Amana® Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) and other heating and cooling products. Whether you are in the hotel/hospitality industry or provide assisted living services, Amana® PTACs are designed to simplify your business with plain-and-simple product durability and advanced energy management features, while helping you to create the best environmental experience possible for your customer. Keeping these promises is top-priority through all stages of the production of Amana® PTACs, from idea development through to finished product production. While Amana update the look of our Amana® PTACs periodically, the components and internal assembly represent the result of a gradual evolution from the first Amana® PTAC manufactured over 30 years ago. Amana focus on continual product improvement; the only new product concepts that make the cut are those that deliver valuable customer benefits.

Our engineers constantly conduct laboratory tests on the performance of our products, stressing them to their limits and anticipating conceivable abuses. More routine tests include the evaluation of fit and tolerances, durability tests of hinges and handles, and "shake and impact" tests to insure the maintenance of product integrity during shipping.

Amana maintain exceptionally high standards for our suppliers and continually check their components to ensure quality, because quality parts mean a quality product. During the assembly of our Amana® PTACs, our quality control representatives carefully monitor each product coming down the manufacturing line. In addition, a finished product is removed from that line every hour and carefully evaluated to see that every nut, bolt and wire is securely in place and every component is precisely assembled. Our diligent approach to quality is a point of difference in Amana® products. Besides, it's just what you'd expect from an industry leader.

Amana About Asko

In 1950, an enterprising young Swedish farmer named Karl-Erik Andersson set out to build his mother a different kind of washer. A unique, energy- and water-efficient machine that would reflect a farmer's love and respect for nature. One with superior cleaning power and reliability that could heat water, spin, and even boast durable, state-of-the-art, stainless steel drums. A washing machine like no other. So the young farmer built his amazing washer, surpassing even his meticulous mother's high standards. Indeed, the results were so extraordinary, he was convinced to share his creation with others. So he built a world-class engineering and manufacturing facility right on the family farm — where it stands to this day — and a new company was born. The company we now call ASKO.

Today, ASKO is an international corporation with a full line of high-performance washers, dryers and dishwashers. ASKO appliances still do a better job of cleaning with a fraction of the water, electricity and detergent of ordinary machines. Every component is constructed of steel rather than plastic wherever possible. And every ASKO product is still built with Scandinavian quality and environmental sensitivity — just as Karl-Erik Andersson intended. In short, ASKO appliances are some of the best-performing, most ecology-friendly, and longest lasting on earth. Made especially for those — like a certain Swedish mother — who appreciate the difference.

Amana About Best by Broan

In the midst of the Great Depression, two aggressive young men emerged with two new products that would make major contributions to the housing industry. In 1932, Henry Broan developed and manufactured a kitchen fan called the Motordor® Fan that provided quiet and efficient kitchen ventilation. His creation launched what is today known as Broan-NuTone LLC. Four years later, in 1936, J. Ralph Corbett developed a melodious door chime replacing the obnoxious door buzzer of the time. His development launched what is today known as NuTone, Inc.

Both men, headquartered in the Midwest, started their companies with a simple product and a few employees. Each expanded their companies, creating revolutionary new products that provided unmatched conveniences for homeowners nationwide. Both quickly became global companies and continued to provide innovative, superior products to meet the needs of consumers.

In 1981, Broan Mfg. Co., Inc. was acquired by Nortek, Inc. and became the lead company of Nortek's Residential Building Products Group, which was named the Broan Group.

During this same time period, NuTone was sold to Scovill Manufacturing in 1967 and was then acquired by Williams plc in 1991. In 1998, Nortek acquired NuTone, adding it to the Broan Group and renaming the group the Broan-NuTone Group. Then, in January 2000, Broan Mfg. Co., Inc. became Broan-NuTone LLC, with NuTone Inc., Aubrey Manufacturing, Inc. and Rangaire LP as subsidiaries.

Today, Broan-NuTone LLC is headquartered in Hartford, Wis. and employs more than 3,200 people in six countries on three continents. It is North Americas largest producer of residential ventilation products such as range hoods, ventilation fans and indoor air quality products and also holds major market positions in chimes, central vacuums, intercom systems, medicine cabinets, built-in electric heaters, whole-house fans, attic ventilators, paddle fans, ironing centers, trash compactors and speakers.

Broan-NuTone also manufactures private-label products for Sears, Whirlpool, GE and other appliance leaders.

Broan® and NuTone® products are distributed through major retailers including Home Depot, Lowes and Menards, as well as lumberyards, independent co-ops, mass merchants, leading electrical and HVAC distributors and hardware stores throughout the United States and Canada. Most recently, the Broan brand has been introduced to the European marketplace.

Amana About Bosch (Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group)

1886 – A modern industrial giant began humbly enough when German engineer, Robert Bosch, opened his "Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Engineering."

1906 – Bosch had established its first U.S. subsidiary. That was followed by 60 years of growth into what became the Robert Bosch LLC.

1990 – Through acquisitions and innovation engineering, Bosch Appliances had grown to 41 subsidiaries worldwide.

1997 – Bosch made a bold commitment to the U.S. market with the construction of the New Bern, North Carolina Dishwasher plant.

2001 – Bosch Appliances are now available in 100 countries across the globe. The brand is proud to be ranked as the #1 and #2 dishwashers in a leading consumer magazine.

2002 – The on-going quality dedication and quest for innovation continue to make Bosch the leader in upscale appliances.

Amana About Broan

Capital Cooking About Capital

Capital's roots extend as far back as 1987, when an appliance pioneer and two creative engineers came together to create a unique brand, Dynamic Cooking Systems, Inc. or DCS. The three partners created a complete line of indoor residential ranges, dual fuel ranges, and in 1990 the first ever high-end stainless steel BBQ. They picked the most talented minds to engineer and manufacture and sell their products and brought more high quality products to market quicker than any other manufacturer.

Among these talented people handpicked to create DCS were the future founders of Capital: Rich, Alejandro, Rafael, Raul and Porfirio. While at DCS the five of us helped define the high-end appliance category with manufacturing and marketing solutions that propelled DCS into the upper echelons of the professional appliance world. With handcrafted quality, innovative features, and quality that defied expectations, we helped make DCS a dominant force in the industry. We were instrumental in the growth and prosperity of DCS throughout the 1990's.

But all good things come to an end. In the year 2000, after a venture capitalist firm purchased DCS, and after the traditional values of handcrafted elegance, innovation, and customer service, were replaced by new values of outsourcing, watching the bottom-line, and cutbacks, the future five partners of Capital found that their values of creating excellence was incompatible with the new DCS philosophy. Rather than adopt this new "corporate" philosophy the five of us found an opportunity to create a new company, Capital Cooking Equipment, Inc. This new company would reintroduce the traditional values of innovation, elegance, Performance and superior customer service.

We are proud to say that Capital continues the tradition set forth by the leading pioneer in the high-end appliance industry, the original founder of DCS whose innovative ideas, attention to detail, commitment to customers was second to none. We have inherited these values and dedicated ourselves to building a brand that stands for Performance and Elegance, handcrafted quality, and innovation without the hype associated with most other high-end "professional" brands.

At Capital dedication towards our customers is our core value and imbues every aspect of our performance, from product design to manufacturing, sales and marketing to service and everything in between. We want to make it a pleasurable and prestigious experience to own a Capital product. That's why we work harder to ensure that everything we create bears the stamp of our tradition of handcrafted quality, sublime elegance and of course Performance.

Crosley About Crosley

Formed in 1976, the Crosley group has evolved to become a premier distribution specialist in major appliances and consumer electronics with 35 distribution points covering the United States and Canada. Crosley distribution points provide cumulative warehouse space in excess of 2 million square feet. This warehousing capacity along with a sales force of over 200 outside salespeople gives us unmatched power in providing product to independent dealers in a timely and efficient manner. Our current dealer network exceeds 15,000 retail outlets.

Dacor About Dacor

Cooking is an important part of family tradition here at Dacor. In 1933, Stan Joseph opened a small appliance store in Northern California. Supported by his devoted wife Florence, his innovative thinking led to the invention of the first complete kitchen ventilation system and the first indoor electric barbecue.

In 1965, Stan and Florence Joseph founded Dacor and were later joined by their two sons, Michael and Anthony.

Since our doors opened, Dacor has been a family operation committed to designing and building exceptional appliances. "It is no coincidence that Dacor has been very successful in a business that focuses on the needs of families," explains CEO, Michael Joseph. "Dacor is an organization built on families, with a strong sense of values. Today, each of our employees is a part owner of the company, a testimony to our reverence for family, home and community."

Working together to redefine the modern kitchen, the Dacor family has produced an impressive array of industry firsts. Patented features abound throughout our full line of cooking appliances. Features like an infrared gas broiler inside an electric oven, a Pure Convection™ system for even heat distribution, a Butterfly Bake Element™ for an extraordinary traditional bake, and extra-large Dacor Greats™ that simplify cooking with large pots and pans.

Following in the footsteps of the Stan Joseph tradition, Dacor are true pioneers. Dacor flair for innovation is evident in everything Dacor create - from our top-of-the-line 48" Epicure™ range to the industry's first outdoor grill with built-in halogen lights. And, our product line will only continue to grow.

Dacor invite you to learn more about the Dacor family and our extraordinary cooking appliances. Together, Dacor will bring life into your kitchen and warmth into your home.

Amana About DCS / Dynamic Cooking Systems (Fisher & Paykel)

DCS was founded in 1989 by the leading appliance engineers and designers in the country.

DCS first pioneered the high-end, commercial-quality, drop-in cooktop. Next DCS focused our innovative thinking on creating a whole new phenomenon - commercial-quality, outdoor gas barbecues. DCS soon emerged as the leading provider of professional outdoor grills.

Leveraging our expertise in high end cooking equipment, DCS entered the commercial cooking market with high-performance, heavy-duty ranges, convection ovens, broilers, griddles, and countertops for the foodservice industry.

DCS also added gas-fired, outdoor patio heaters to complement the barbecue products. Not long after that, DCS expanded into a full line of commercial quality ranges. Developing the next generation of ultra high-end, professional-style cooking equipment for the home.

In October 2004, Fisher & Paykel Appliances acquired DCS. Fisher & Paykel, seen as the innovator in the appliance industry, has state of the art manufacturing facilities in New Zealand and Australia. The Fisher & Paykel brand is a household name in Australia and New Zealand, and a premium brand delivering innovative design and technology to over 40 countries worldwide.

Today, working from our 300,000+ square foot headquarters and factory in Huntington Beach, California, Fisher & Paykel and DCS continue to redefine the standard for high- end, commercial quality cooking equipment in kitchens and decks around the world. In North America DCS is sold through a network of over 2,500 storefronts and supported by over 1,500 service organizations.

DeLonghi About DeLonghi

De'Longhi is continually involved in far-reaching expansion, and is fully capable of bringing to the world a unique and winning business philosophy long associated with Italian-made products.

The De'Longhi Group is a leader operating in the household appliances industry in four different business sectors: air conditioning and air treatment; food preparation and cooking; as well as cleaning and iron products.

Ducane About Ducane (Weber-Stephen Products Co.)

Over the course of 30 years, Ducane® has become a leading brand of gas grills. The company's mission; produce well-engineered, dependable grills that are a good value. Ducane owners remain loyal to the brand for these attributes. As a subsidiary of Weber-Stephen Products Co., Ducane Products Co. now shares Weber's legendary engineering, quality control, distribution and customer service.

Dynasty About Dynasty (Jade Appliances)
Elitair About Elitair

Elitair was founded in Fabriano, Italy in 1983.The company began its career in ventilation hoods and immediately made its mark on the industry for professionalism and customer service. Step by step Elitair has been gaining market share by offering a competitively priced high-end hood for the discerning consumer.

Elitair products range from traditional stainless steel, to fashionable glass and painted finish models. The up-to-date enameling plant equipment, advanced automation systems, constant improvement of quality standards in each production phase and the research & development done by Elitair, all culminate to ensure the company is worthy of its success in the marketplace.

Equator About Equator

Equator's mission is to provide Innovative, Practical, Top-Quality Appliances that Save Time, Space and Energy and Simplify the way people do their Chores thereby Improving the Quality of Life!.

Equator is an Eco-Friendly Company.
Equator make products that save Energy, Water, and Detergent. Equator's products also greatly reduce effluents, which contaminate water resources This is Equator global responsibility towards managing Earth's resources and preventing waste, without any loss of performance.

Equator Ultimate Responsibility is to it's Customers
who use Equator's products. In order to achieve this, Equator strive to offer superior customer service, technical support, product distribution, parts supply, sales training, and all those services that make Equator a valued player in the appliance industry.

Faber About Faber

Fisher & Paykel About Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel Appliances designs, manufactures and markets a range of innovative household appliances developed with a commitment to technology, design, user friendliness and environmental awareness.

It includes two wholly owned subsidiary companies Production Machinery Limited that builds production equipment, and Dynamic Cooking Systems Inc a company in the United States of America that manufactures indoor and outdoor cooking products.

The company has manufacturing sites located in Auckland and Dunedin, New Zealand; Cleveland, Australia; Huntington Beach, California; Clyde, Ohio, USA and Italy.

FiveStar About FiveStar

At FiveStar, our mission is to serve serious home chefs like you. That commitment to the culinary community began in 1935, when Grover Cleveland Brown offered his first cooking products. The tradition carried on through his son, grandson and now his great-grandson, Matthew Brown. Like you, Matthew is passionate about food. And perfection. That's why every FiveStar range is hand-crafted to meet his exacting quality standards right here in America. And every FiveStar feature is designed to ensure you have all of the tools you need to unleash your genius.

Franke About Franke

Mass production of the first domestic kitchen sink units. Today, over 50 million sinks have been produced and delivered worldwide.

Business expanded rapidly. Franke became a leader in state-of-the-art kitchen sinks.

Franke built and installed the first kitchen for McDonald's in Munich. Today, over 5,000 quick service restaurants have Franke installations.

Frigidaire About Frigidaire (Electrolux International Company)

The first electric refrigerator was offered for sale in 1913. In 1915, Alfred Mellowes designed a new version of the original unit and in 1916 the Guardian Frigerator Company was organized to manufacture Mellowes' refrigerator. General Motors saw the potential of this company and purchased it in 1918 and gave it the name Frigidaire. Mass production techniques were applied, production facilities were improved and additional sales offices were opened. It was then that Frigidaire took off as a company. Along the way, it has recorded quite a few "firsts" and contributed immensely to the industry as a whole.

Amana About Gaggenau (Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group)

Amana About GE Monogram

Amana About General Electric (G.E.)

1876 was also the year that Thomas Alva Edison opened a laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey, where he could explore the possibilities of the dynamo and other electrical devices that he had seen in the Exposition. Out of that laboratory was to come perhaps the greatest invention of the age - a successful incandescent electric lamp.

By 1890, Edison established the Edison General Electric Company by bringing his various businesses together.

During that period, a competitor emerged. The Thomson-Houston Company became a dominant electrical innovation company through a series of mergers led by Charles A. Coffin, a former shoe manufacturer from Lynn, Massachusetts.

As both businesses expanded, it had become increasingly difficult for either company to produce complete electrical installations relying solely on their own patents and technologies. In 1892, the two companies combined. They called the new organization the General Electric Company.

Several of Edison's early business offerings are still part of GE today, including lighting, transportation, industrial products, power transmission, and medical equipment. The first GE Appliances electric fans were produced at the Ft. Wayne electric works as early as the 1890s, while a full line of heating and cooking devices were developed in 1907. GE Aircraft Engines, the division's name only since 1987, actually began its story in 1917 when the U.S. government began its search for a company to develop the first airplane engine "booster" for the fledgling U.S. aviation industry. Thomas Edison's experiments with plastic filaments for light bulbs in 1893 led to the first GE Plastics department, created in 1930.

GE's leaders through the years have built a diverse portfolio of leading businesses; a stream of powerful Company-wide initiatives that drives growth and reduces cost; financial strength and Controllership that allow it to capitalize on opportunities through numerous cycles; and a set of common values that allows it to face any environment with confidence.

Jade About Jade

Amana About Jenn-Air (Whirlpool Corporation)

Jenn-Air® appliances have offered high performance with enduring style since the introduction of the first self-ventilated cooktop in 1961. The Jenn-Air® reputation as a pioneer and technology leader has continued with the addition of many first and exclusive features to home kitchens throughout the world. Jenn-Air has proudly retained the consumer No. 1 preferred cooking product rating since 1989.

Jenn-Air® craftsmanship offers new capabilities for people to experience the true romance of cooking:

  • Modular cooking cartridges for cooktops and ranges allow a cook to grill or stir fry on a whim.
  • Built-in refrigerators offer personalized storage capabilities for creating the right environment for a cook's favorite ingredients.
  • Multiple modes of convection allow precise control to create light puff pastries as well as moist, tender meats.

Jenn-Air crafts its appliances with the kind of inspirational quality that enhances the entire cooking experience. The planning, the process and the tools themselves open up endless culinary possibilities for people who love to cook.

Today, Jenn-Air® is one of the Whirlpool family of brands and offers a complete line of built-in kitchen appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, microwave ovens, and Entertaining Essentials.

Amana About Kitchen Aid

KitchenAid has spent decades creating innovative products for the well-equipped kitchen. From commercial grade cooktops and wine cellars to stand mixers and an impressive assortment of cookware, bakeware and accessories, we offer virtually every culinary essential you could need.

Lennox About Lennox

A Legacy of Vision and Innovation
Lennox is built on a legacy of innovative firsts, from the introduction of the riveted-steel furnace in 1895 to some of the most efficient air conditioners available today. Over the years, Lennox has set the standard for home comfort, and its continue to push the standard forward with a lineup of more than 60 leading-edge products and a network of more than 6,000 full-service dealers.

L.G. About L.G.

Amana About Marvel (AGA Foodservice Group Company)

For over 70 years, Marvel has been committed to enhancing the lifestyle of its customers. Today, with its unparalleled line of luxury undercounter refrigeration products, Marvel is an industry leader in style, design and sheer range of choices for the discriminating homeowner. As part of the world-renowned Aga Foodservice Group, Marvel's commitment to its customers is assured by a global leader in luxury living.

Marvel was founded in 1932, when the company began creating undercounter ice boxes. Electric refrigeration soon followed and with that, a new product category was born. Marvel's growth throughout the years has always been lifestyle-driven, and the company has pioneered many important firsts on its path to becoming a major industry leader in the luxury refrigeration market. Marvel was the first to introduce a high-end undercounter wine storage model, and the first to re-define luxury refrigeration with its breakthrough introduction of the all-black interior - offering homeowners the opportunity to design refrigeration into any room in the home.

With the widespread growth of both "satellite kitchens" and outdoor entertaining, Marvel products provide the stylish accent—and dependable performance—that these luxury applications demand. Marvel undercounter wine storage and beverage refrigerators feature forced-air ventilation and quiet, powerful compressors with microprocessor controlled thermostats. With the ability to complement any décor, Marvel products are available in stunning designs, including sleek stainless steel, monochromatic color choices and overlay doors that precisely match surrounding cabinetry.

In addition to providing luxury refrigeration for the home, Marvel also supplies refrigerators for military and industrial applications. In fact, Marvel's luxury consumer models are built and tested to the same high standards required by these stringent applications. That is why each model is backed by one of the industry's best warranty coverages.

Today, Marvel is proud to use its innovative history to provide an unwavering commitment to its customers. Known for uncompromised quality, breathtaking array of design choices, and sheer luxury performance, Marvel - and Marvel products - remain at the forefront of the industry, a legacy that started with a simple ice box.

Amana About Maytag (Whirlpool Corporation)

In 1907, Frederick Louis Maytag entered the washer business with one goal in mind: to build quality appliances from durable and long-lasting materials. That ideal holds true today for Maytag's full line of household and commercial appliances, from washers to refrigerators to ranges and cooktops.

Throughout the past one hundred years, Maytag's suite of quality and dependable appliances has grown to include new and innovative products. But the company has never wavered from its founder's steadfast commitment to quality. That's why today, Maytag washers last longer than any other brand on the market.*

F.L. Maytag once said "never let the company forget its responsibility to deliver quality machines to the public." As always, Maytag continues its relentless pursuit to build the highest-quality and most dependable machines for you, our customer.

Amana About Miele

The "most trusted brand" of household appliances in Europe, according to an annual comparison carried out by "Reader's Digest", is the Miele brand. The company has received this award in each of the six annual surveys carried out to date.

The Miele Customer Service Department also enjoys the greatest trust and confidence amongst consumers. This is emphasised by an independent study carried out by ‘Kundenmonitor Deutschland' (German Customer Monitor). Since the introduction of this survey in 1992, Miele has taken first place every year. 92% of our customers are so satisfied with their appliances that they buy Miele again when the time finally comes around. In European consumer tests, our products have been awarded first place 60 times in the last three years alone. All this constitutes an obligation to continue in the same vein.

The brand name of Miele is a promise which the Miele company must keep; something which we have succeeded in doing for decades. We have been so successful in this respect because we fly the banner of quality with enthusiasm and dedication. We have succeeded because we have trading partners who are convinced of the outstanding class of Miele. We place great value on the training of our dealers to empower them to sell Miele products and provide their customers with expert advice. Through high-quality product presentation and expertise, they represent Miele's premium claim perfectly.

Mitsubishi air conditioning About Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC continues to build brand loyalty, increase its market position and deliver exceptional customer service through the Mitsubishi Diamond Alliance™ program. This program is a strategic platform of training-based achievement programs designed to synergize the efforts of Mitsubishi Electric, distributors, contractors and design engineering firms.

Amana About Northland

What began as Ranney Refrigeration in 1892, a quality enterprise to make ice boxes for consumers and which were delivered by horse and buggy, now serves as the home for Northland refrigeration. Northland has grown to become the premiere source for custom handcrafted refrigeration systems for the home. Always first in quality and first in offering consumers cutting-edge products, Northland continues to introduce new models that appeal to a new generation of discriminating men and women. Now part of the Aga Foodservice Group, Northland continues to provide superior products to a growing roster of satisfied customers who expect and deserve the best.

Amana About Panasonic

Amana About Phoenix Grill

Amana About Scotsman

"You'll Value the Difference"™ is a statement that has 50 years of experience in research and development, cost effective manufacturing methods, strong global distribution networks and focused customer service behind it. Fact is, it's why Scotsman is the world's largest manufacturer of ice machines, distributed and serviced in over 100 countries, with more than a million ice machines at work every day. As a member of the Enodis company, Scotsman's outstanding history is further enhanced by association with other market leaders in the foodservice industry such as Frymaster®, Cleveland Range®, Garland®, and Lincoln®.

Scotsman's goal is simple: To be recognized as the world's leading ice machine company. We will accomplish this by providing our customers with a better ownership experience than any other ice machine manufacturer. From our CM3 ice machines that offer the Lowest Lifetime Ownership Cost and the best warranty in the industry to our customer focused sales and service network, Scotsman is committed to total customer satisfaction. "You'll Value the Difference"™ is a living philosophy that will positively affect every aspect of your involvement.

At Scotsman, quality means TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Through teamwork and personal effectiveness, we are committed to continuously evaluate and improve our products and services to ensure we meet our customer needs – on time, every time.

Sharp About Sharp

At Sharp Electronics Corporation, our challenge is to create a balance between work time and personal time, with products that can benefit people's lives at work, at home, and everywhere in between. Sharp consumer electronics can enhance your enjoyment, add to your comfort and open new perspectives. Sharp business products can boost your productivity and reduce costs. Sharp products are designed to help individuals, families, and corporate teams connect effortlessly, communicate clearly, and unleash creativity like never before. Sharp is dedicated to improving people's lives through the use of advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value, and design.

Sharp About Siemens (Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group)

Globally, Siemens is one of the major forces in the home appliances industry. Sold in more than 55 countries around the globe, Siemens stands for innovative thinking, precision engineering and pure style to millions of people worldwide.

Siemens is the number one appliance brand in Germany, the number two appliance brand in Europe and the third largest appliance manufacturer worldwide. In the fall of 2003, Siemens home appliances became available to the U.S. consumer. In the past few years, Siemens home appliances have grown in popularity as Americans have discovered the technological superiority and stylish designs of Siemens appliances.

Siemens, the great name in technology, stands for intelligent innovations and consistent orientation toward the future, and a modern approach to the technical features and design of home appliances. Visionary approach and the use of cutting-edge technologies aimed at improved functionality gives rise to pioneering products and solutions that allow the user to perceive and experience progress in a fascinating manner.

Home appliances from Siemens are characterized by clear, functional design and optimum precision. Siemens products set standards in the marketplace. They are the result of progressive ideas, a consistent system- and performance-based approach and perfection in the way this is put into practice.

Sub-Zero About Sub-Zero

In 1943, Westye F. Bakke built the first freestanding freezer in the basement of his Madison, WI. home. A businessman with a keen ability to anticipate post-World War II refrigeration trends, he founded Sub-Zero Freezer Company just two years later in an old two-car garage. From its modest beginnings, Sub-Zero has become what it is today: the recognized leading manufacturer of premium built-in home refrigerators.

Since its founding, Sub-Zero has pioneered quality products that meet its customers needs. In the mid-1950s, for example, the company developed the built-in refrigerator – a unit that changed the future of kitchen design by fitting within surrounding counter and cabinet space. Over time, the company has refined its early concept and has brought to market a comprehensive line of built-in models, including the 200 Series of undercounter models, its award-winning 500 Series, the design-flexible 600 Series, the integrated 700 Series, and, most recently, the state-of-the-art 400 Series of wine storage.

Indicative of the company's innovative engineering is its dual refrigeration system, which relies on two separate, self-contained cooling systems to keep fresh food fresher and preserve frozen food longer.

For 60 years, Sub-Zero has offered innovative, aesthetically appealing and technologically advanced solutions to meet virtually any home refrigeration need. Through foresight and responsiveness, the company has earned its position as an industry leader – a position Sub-Zero intends to maintain well into the new millennium.

Amana About Summit

Felix Storch, Inc. was founded in 1969, and has been a leading supplier of compact, specialty, commercial and medical refrigerators and freezers since then. In 1969 we trademarked the SUMMIT® brand name, which now also encompasses SUMMIT PROFESSIONAL (for stainless steel upscale products), and SUMMIT COMMERCIAL (for commercially approved products). In 1983 the company relocated from Long Island City to its (still used) 50,000 square foot facility in the Bronx, NY, and in 1998 we acquired a 2nd nearly 100,000 square foot facility that is now our headquarters, manufacturing and distribution facility at 770 Garrison Ave. in the Bronx. Due to continued growth we now lease additional facilities in Boston, MA; Northern, NJ and the Hartford, CT area. We remain a private, family owned business, with no outside investors.

Our product line consists of over 600 models of specialty refrigerators and freezers that serve a variety of markets, including household and commercial kitchens, specialized compact products for offices, schools and foodservice establishments, medical storage refrigerators and freezers, and hotel refrigerators and minibars. We also distribute a line of over 100 household ranges, wallovens and cooktops - all made in the USA - including a number of unique stainless steel models. Our product line is completed by a large number of specialty appliances including microwave ovens, refrigerator-microwave combinations, outdoor serving carts and refrigerators, beer dispensers, and wine cellars.

In 2005, we trademarked the ACCUCOLD® brand name for a new line of scientific and laboratory refrigerators and freezers with many unique features.

Amana About Thermador (Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group)

A Thermador kitchen is more luxurious, more efficient and more beautiful than any other kitchen. Because for seven decades, Thermador has been at the forefront of fusing the art and science of design and ingenuity. From introducing the first built-in oven almost 50 years ago to revolutionizing gas cooktops with the patented Star® Burner; and from designing the first retractable downdraft ventilation system to advancing speed cooking technology; Thermador has helped transform the American kitchen.

Today still, our vision of beautiful form and superior state-of-the-art functionality makes each of our products the very best in its category. Whether you are a dedicated chef or simply a connoisseur of the art of cooking, owning a Thermador kitchen is the ultimate expression of personal style, good taste and an appreciation for the complete culinary experience. Our revolutionary products give discriminating enthusiasts like yourself true creative flexibility with Freedom of Choice™ design, a philosophy that removes limitations and encourages originality in creating your ultimate culinary studio.

Amana About Tmio

TMIO's philosophy of perfection and commitment to excellence ensure the satisfaction you expect from products you rely on in your home. We are dedicated to developing innovative ways to deliver the best quality high-performance culinary appliance products anywhere in the world.

Today, we are proud to bring you the Connect IoTM Intelligent OvenTM, the world's best cooking oven, and the world's first Internet oven that allows you to COOL, CONNECT, and COOK remotely from your cell phone or Internet connection: anytime, from anywhere in the world. State-of-the-art functionality, exceptional performance, and beautiful design are the hallmark of TMIO's double-wall ovens that households and professional chefs insist on, and that we deliver

Amana About U-Line

For over four decades, U-Line has captivated those with an appreciation for the finer things with exceptional design, inspired innovations and attention to even the smallest details.

Synonymous with premium built-in undercounter ice making, refrigeration and wine storage, the U-Line Corporation is committed to luxury under the counter. We are known and respected for our unwavering dedication to product innovation, quality and selection. Our bold and broad line of models is the product of visionaries in the pursuit of distinctive living environments in the kitchen and spaces beyond.

In 1962, Henry Uihlein founded U-Line Corporation as an outgrowth of Ben-Hur Freezer Company and was the first to develop and patent an automatic stand-alone undercounter residential ice maker. His foresight and determination to develop new ideas and to succeed when there were no clear guidelines or solutions are evident today. The third and fourth generations of this Milwaukee, Wisconsin based family operated business provide the continuity and vision from which new innovations continue to be born.

Going forward, U-Line's Échelon and Origins Series will continue offering best-in-class products that build on the company's numerous patents and world firsts to guide the undercounter industry in realizing its unlimited potential.

Amana About Vent-a-Hood

"The range hood has become a standard in most every kitchen in America. Since manufacturing the first home cooking range hoods over 70 years ago, Vent-A-Hood® has maintained its hood specialization and focus as the definitive home ventilation brand in the appliance industry.

Vent-a-Hood commitment to you is to be obsessively "single-minded" by providing the highest quality home range hoods and ventilation products possible. We commit to offering only time-tested ventilation technology (i.e., the patented "Magic Lung®") and low maintenance systems, at fair market value. It is this "single-minded" commitment that has led to 70 years of satisfied customers and maintenance-free range hoods.

Amana About Verona

The Verona brand of hand-made, quality cooking appliances is now available in North America. Exquisitely designed and manufactured in Italy, the Verona name has been the benchmark for durable and beautiful European professional appliances since 1958. Verona ranges, ovens, cook-tops and ventilation is the preferred brand of appliances featured in designer kitchens throughout Europe. Now the Verona heritage of classically designed Italian appliances is available to North American consumers. Verona products carry the distinction of being certified ISO9002, a stringent qualification unsurpassed in the industry. We are proud of our line and eager to gain the trust of the people of the United States. With our extensive, time-proven line of appliances and ongoing commitment to quality and service, we intend to remain a viable alternative in the professional designer appliance marketplace.

Amana About Vieluxe

Amana About Viking

Viking introduced professional cooking to the home when our first range shipped in 1987. Now that same exceptional performance extends into every corner of the kitchen – even the backyard. Refrigerators. Wine Cellars. Dishwashers. Grills. Cookware. Cutlery. Small appliances. It's enough to turn any cook into a chef.

When people think of Viking, the bold, commercial look of the Professional Series range is the image that most likely pops into their heads. Ultra-premium features like high-performance burners, convection baking, and infrared broiling easily handle everything from crème brûlée to rack of lamb. The legendary Viking range is available in gas and electric models, as well as an array of sizes and finishes to fit any kitchen.

And for those who want professional performance without the professional look, there is the Designer Series. Clean lines and contours meld gracefully into cabinets with style, offering a striking new look for Viking. Fully equipped with outstanding features and power, this complete line of built-in products doesn't sacrifice any of the world-renowned Viking performance for fashion's sake. Haute couture meets haute cuisine.

Viking doesn't see the kitchen as a collection of products, but a complete cooking environment. Cooking isn't a chore – it's an art form. Everything must work together in form and function. Both the Professional and Designer lines deliver the ultimate in performance with a cohesive look for the kitchen. Each line offers a full range of products, so you don't have to resort to mixing and matching brands and styles. Viking offers the truly consistent ultra-premium kitchen. The complete Viking kitchen is complete perfection.

Although Viking is best known for our flagship ranges, we have brought the same level of culinary excellence to every product in the kitchen. Built-in products marry performance with convenience. And our ventilation systems offer the perfect complement to our cooking products. Our assortment of refrigeration products ensure the practicing gourmet always has ample cold storage for fresh ingredients and refreshments. Cleanup products quietly tackle the post-party chores. And our outdoor kitchen raises the art of barbecuing to fantastic new heights.

Viking not only provides everything you need to cook on, but everything you need to cook with. Our cutlery and cookware are meticulously crafted to meet the standards of the world's finest chefs. And Viking small appliances manage to fit professional performance onto the countertop. When we say the complete Viking kitchen, we mean it. Completely.

Amana About Weber

Amana About Whirlpool

Whirlpool Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with annual sales of more than $18 billion, more than 73,000 employees, and more than 70 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world. The company markets Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Brastemp, Bauknecht and other major brand names to consumers in nearly every country around the world.

Whirlpool's global platform provides our operations with resources and capabilities no other manufacturer can match. Whirlpool's global procurement, product development and information technology organizations help our operations reduce costs, improve efficiencies and introduce a continuous stream of relevant innovation to consumers.

Inspired by our bold innovations and designs, customers around the globe trust Whirlpool to make their lives easier. More than ever before, our brands are connecting with customers in ways that will last a lifetime.

Amana About Wolf

An Ideal Marraige

When Sub-Zero Freezer Company acquired Wolf in March 2000, kitchen design insiders uttered a collective "Aha!" It just made sense, this marriage of ice and fire, cold and hot. Sub-Zero and Wolf are complementary expressions of a single idea: the steadfast refusal to compromise. They are the brands for people who will have nothing less than the kitchen they have always wanted — an uncompromised kitchen.

Heritage Meets Heritage

Sub-Zero is the enduring symbol of the possibilities of what a kitchen can be, Wolf the symbol of all that the kitchen can do. Founded in 1945 and now in its third generation of family ownership and management, Sub-Zero forever changed kitchen design with the exceptional quality, beauty and innovative technology of its equipment.

For more than 70 years, Wolf has been synonymous with professional cooking equipment for restaurants and hotels. Now, as part of Sub-Zero, the Wolf line has been adapted for the serious in-home cook. With their superior performance and leading-edge design, Wolf instruments fuel a passion for cooking.

Compromise? Never.

Every product bearing the Wolf name was designed from the ground up to give the user ultimate control and cooking confidence. Each new Wolf instrument is tested not merely to meet but to exceed industry standards, and each is backed by one of the best warranties in the business. In design, manufacturing and customer service, Wolf accepts no compromise, and neither should you.

York About York (Johnson Controls)

Founded in 1874 in York, Pennsylvania, York Products and Services from Johnson Controls has a rich heritage in providing space conditioning and refrigeration products.

York is a leading air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, and ventilating company, with more than 20 worldwide manufacturing facilities and sales offices in over 100 countries.

The list of landmark installations in the United States include: the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC, the Renaissance Center in Detroit, the Bank of America building in San Francisco and the entire U.S. Navy nuclear submarine fleet.

A quick tour of landmark projects around the world highlights York's leading position. These include: the British Houses of Parliament, the English Channel Eurotunnel, the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Kremlin in Moscow and the Sydney Opera House. Soon, inhabitants of the world's tallest building, the Kuala Lumpur Civic Center in Malaysia, will also be cooled by York equipment.

Of course, that's all in addition to the millions of private homes throughout North America and the rest of the world that are heated and cooled with York residential HVAC equipment.

Johnson Controls Unitary Products is the division within York that designs, manufactures and distributes a full line of cooling and heating systems for homes, apartments and small commercial facilities.

The York Heating and Air Conditioning line includes 10, 12, 14 and 16+ SEER air conditioners and heat pumps, single package units, 90%+ and 80% AFUE gas furnaces, matching air handlers and evaporator coils. Products are all North American-made, and manufactured at York plants in Norman, OK, Wichita, KS, and Apodaco, Mexico.

The products are distributed throughout the United States and Canada by a network of independent distributors and company-owned branches covering all states and provinces.

Amana About Zephyr

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