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Industry Terminology

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Used to express the efficiency of an AC or Heat Pump. The higher the rating the more efficient.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, measures the efficiency of heating portion
of your heat pump.

IAQ Plasma Filter
High performance electronic air cleaner removes dust and odor, improving indoor
air quality.

Sleep Timer
Automatically adjusts the temperature while you sleep to make you more comfortable.

24 Hour Timer
Four different time ranges can be
programmed to provide flexible temperature control to meet your needs throughout
the day.

Weekly Timer
Allows you to set on/off time twice a day
and a different on/off time by day.

Dry Mode

Helps to control humidity levels when cooling may not be needed.

Auto Louver: Up/Down
Redirects airflow automatically with seven position up and down motion which can be
set to auto swing.

Auto Louver: 4 Way
Redirects airflow automatically with up/down and left/right motion.

Auto Mode
System starts in high fan speed and automatically adjusts downward as room begins to reach set temperature.

Energy Saver
Keeps room cool enough for comfort by
using a relaxed thermostat setting reducing power consumption.

Quiet Mode
An extra quiet fan speed to make sure you
are not disturbed.

Power Diffuser
An additional louver that opens based on monitoring sensors to quickly enhance immediate comfort needs.

Auto Restart/Reset

Following a temporary power failure,
systems will automatically restart in the
same operating mode as before, once the power has been restored.
Auto Changeover
Provides functional change from cooling to heating or vice-versa automatically depending on set temperature. Operating range is 4F relative to the set temperature.

Low Ambient
Systems can operate in cooling mode even when outdoor ambient is 0F, 14F or 32F, depending on model, without modification.

Cold Prevention
Indoor coil will warm prior to fan operating, preventing cold air during heating mode.

Slender Fit
Cassette body can be moved downward into the room
1-3/8" to accommodate limited ceiling space.

Apple Catechin Filter
Dust, mold spores and microorganisms are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity and growth is inhibited and deactivated by the polyphenol ingredient extracted from apples.

Ion Deodorizing Filter
The filter deodorizes by powerfully decomposing absorbed odors using the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions
generated by the ultrafine particle ceramic.

Coil Dry Mode

After power is off, an internal drying function starts preventing the growth of mold and bacteria inside the indoor unit.

Wired/Wireless Switching
This switch must be enabled when installing the optional wired remote controller

Remote Controller Sensor
Room temperature sensor is located in optional wired remote controller only.

Pump Down Operation
Collects all refrigerant in the system back into the outdoor unit when the unit is to be moved or before servicing the refrigerant circuit.

High Ceiling Mode
Temperature at the top of a high ceiling room may be warmer then the space occupied; this mode allows system to adjust for this difference.

Branch Duct Capable
Systems are capable of attaching two field-supplied 4" branch ducts providing 50% of the cooling up to 16 feet away.

Fresh Air Intake
Outside air can be introduced by attaching field supplied flexible duct to fresh air knockouts.

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