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Preventive Maitenance ChecklistCan Extend Life of Appliances, Systems Under Home Warranty

BURBANK, CA -- California homeowners can dramatically extend the life of their appliances and operating systems while potentially saving thousands of dollars by following a checklist of preventive maintenance measures recommended by the Home Warranty Association of California (HWAC).

Responding to latest industry statistics indicating that approximately eight out of every l0 existing home sales in California today include a home warranty, HWAC reports that many claims placed under their home warranty plans may have been easily preventable with simple, no cost, common sense usage or maintenance measures of systems or appliances.

These preventive measures include:

Change filters twice a year.

Turn furnace on l5 minutes per month throughout the summer to keep the unit lubricated and problem-free when winter arrives.

Use soap specifically for dishwashers. Dry detergents are recommended by most technicians, since liquids and gels tend to leave behind residue on the dishwasher interior, heating elements, and may clog the spray arm.

To help ensure clean dishes, it is best to run the faucet at the kitchen sink until the water flowing is hot to the touch. Then immediately turn on the dishwasher for hot water in ALL cycles. Even if the dishwasher comes with a soft food disposer, solid food particles should still be removed from dishes before loading.

To clean and deodorize dishwasher components, pour one small bottle of white vinegar into the bottom of unit, close and latch door, and allow to set overnight. The next day, run the unit through a full cycle.

Always use lots of cold water before, during and for a full minute afterward to clear the drain line of food particles. Disposals are not intended to grind bones, fibrous vegetables, such as celery and artichoke leaves, or citrus rinds. These damage the disposal and clog drain lines.

Plumbing stoppages can be an expensive item in warranty repair costs, the most common causes being from foreign objects such as toys, pencils, diapers, tissues, hair, and even over-rim type bowl deodorants. Materials most detrimental to kitchen sinks are grease and coffeegrounds, which should be discarded with regular household garbage.

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