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Save Money, Energy and Water Choose ENERGY STAR Qualified Commercial Clothes Washers

If your laundry facilities aren't equipped with ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers, you are wasting money on water and energy bills - money that could be put to use elsewhere.

ENERGY STAR vs. Regular Washer

Ten-Year Operating Cost Comparison for a Ten-Washer Facility

10-year cost comparison for a 10-Washer Facility


Given current national average utility prices, below are the estimated savings:

Estimated Utility Bill Savings

And, if utility prices increase by just 3% annually, estimated savings would increase:

Estimated Utility Bill Savings

To estimate savings for your facility, use this simple savings calculator Excel.


Electric, gas and water rates used to estimate dollar amounts are as follows: $.091/kWh, $1.28/therm (Source: U.S. Department of Energy, 2006) and $.004746/gallon (Source: Raftelis Water and Wastewater Rate Survey, 2005). Savings estimates assume 950 cycles per year (Source: Multihousing Laundry Association).

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